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At Kaleidoscope OT, we are passionate about helping every child we work with take steps toward independence, and resourcing parents with strategies to reach goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our treatment sessions take place in the child’s natural environment (home, school, community) for their comfort and your convenience.

Each child is like a kaleidoscope, which is made of tiny pieces of gorgeous glass. And as it is turned, new stunning and intricate designs are created. We believe every child we serve is uniquely beautiful, and it is our joy to help them grow and develop, turning the dial and creating new and remarkable patterns in their lives!

Our goal for each individual and family is to embrace who they are, enhance their functional independence and empower them with the skills and resources to live life to the fullest!

We came to Christy at a time when we were at a loss for how to help our daughter overcome her various challenges. Within minutes of the evaluation, I felt supported and was filled with hope that my daughter can get personalized treatment sessions from someone who genuinely cares about her and her progress. Christy is not just kind and down-to-earth, but also an exceptional therapist with extensive knowledge and experience. I think I learned just as much as my daughter did during her sessions! I highly recommend Kaleidoscope Occupational Therapy to any parent looking for a more personal and individualized approach to therapy with added family support and encouragement.


“I have a son with severe CP. Some years ago Christy worked with Gavin’s therapist as a student and was amazing. She was very eager to learn about Gavin and his needs. She was very easy to talk to. I’ve been around alot of students at Blue Ridge Therapy and not all of them are naturals but I can say that this is Christy’s calling and if she were still here in Lynchburg she would definitely be seeing more of us .”


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